To extend the longevity of your shaving brush, proper use and care is very important.

Always use warm water and not hot water.

Do not use too much pressure on the brush. Rather, try to use gentle pressure to build the lather with the bristle tip.

Always rinse out soap residue after each shave and shake off excess water from brush.

Leave your brush out to dry. 

Once every 2~4 weeks, run your finger over the bristle tip when completely dry to check if there is build up of soap residue. If you see a cloud of soap dust puff up, this is an indication that the brush was not properly rinsed after each use.

If your skin feels itchy and irritated, it may mean your brush is due for an anti bacterial cleaning.

It is recommended that you load and lather your brush using anti bacterial hand soap. Then soak your brush in warm water to sanitize your brush. Rinse out your brush, then shake off and dry. You can also use Borax instead of hand soap.